Marvel's Teaser for 'Secret Wars: Battleworld' Explains Reboot-Palooza

There you have it, folks. The dozens of announcements from Marvel, (including, but not limited to, a Civil War, Infinity Gauntlet, House of M, and Age of Ultron / Marvel Zombies event,) are, as previously theorized, tied into its reincarnation of the 80’s mini-series, Secret Wars.

This might seem a bit confusing, considering most of the previous images teased their series’ arrival next summer, while Secret Wars’ announcement at NYCC pegged it for this coming spring. However, getting a bit of context might be the key for this expansion to have any kind of success.

Marvel fans are used to events by now, but having a singular title which will result in a flurry of bigger, hopefully better events for specific characters sounds pretty legit. With DC planning to revive Crisis on Infinite Earths, an event which gives context to Marvel’s “All-New, Marvel Now!” initiative, AND gives readers an Universe defining event, that is less “Shattered Heroes” and more along the lines of Civil War or House of M, might get the publisher back on top.

Is “Battleworld” a cash cow / sell-out move, or a return to glory? Sound off in the comments!