Mrs. Henry Weekly Update – 2009.02.23

February 23, 2007

Dear families:

Thank you for being so prompt about returning the permission slips for our next field trip to the Chabot Science Center on Wednesday march 4th.  Drivers are:

Chris Fee – Andrew F., Nick B., Adenike, Anton
Greg Herman – Andrew H., Rebecca, Joaquin
Kari Pimental – Duncan, Kalyn, Nick K., Paxton, Jessica and Robin Knox
Lee Ditlefsen ( Tyler ’s grandpa) – Isa, Sofia, Ben, Tyler, Sir Ronald

If your child’s name is not on this list it is because I have not received their permission slips.  As you can see I am going to need more drivers.  I have found out that chaperones are admitted without charge.  Robin has kindly agreed to be an extra chaperone, so if anyone else is willing to drive, but would prefer not to stay, please let me know. I will need a minimum of four parents to stay the whole time though! We will leave school at 9.15am and will return by 1.15pm. Students will need a sack lunch.

I can’t believe that February is almost over!  I have many people to thank for helping to  make this such a wonderful month of learning.  Thank you Kathryn Hoffman and Judy Ho for helping us celebrate Chinese New Year. Judy sent in the laisees, chopsticks, and a calendar for the students to enjoy. Kathryn Hoffman read a story called “Dragonwell Tea and Almond Cookies”, and we had our own delicious tea and cookies as a follow up.  She also taught the students how to write their numbers in Chinese. Winnie and Marina both wrote their names in Chinese for us…VERY impressive!

Thank you also Kathy Ditlefsen, Tyler ’s grandma who came in to give the children a lesson on oral hygiene. She taught the children how to use a toothbrush correctly, and linked the lesson to the work Donna Ajike has been doing around nutrition.

I notice we are getting a little short of various classroom supplies. We need paper napkins, paper plates (for art projects), fat glue sticks, people colored markers and crayons, silver glitter, and glitter pens and stickers, paper towels, tissues, and skinny markers.  If anyone is willing to donate any of these items , it would be much appreciated. I also need the insides of the paper towels ( i.e. the cardboard rolls)  – to make rockets.  Please send one in tomorrow if you happen to be at the end of a roll.  Thanks

Looking forward to another great week with your WONDERFUL children!