Munch Madness #8: Sour Cream Cake Donut and Chocolate Cherry Fritter from Daylight Donuts

At last, I catch up with my backlog of reviews with a pair of sugary breakfast treats from the donut shop within walking distance from my house. Daylight Donuts is back, and this time, I get sour. Sour cream, that is.

The sour cream cake donut looks like some sort of hybrid between the more uniform innertube shape of regular cake donuts and the flowery fried fringe of the old-fashioned donuts. The texture is sort of in-between the two, as well, as it’s both crispy and soft. The sour cream adds a lovely tang to the donut that easily elevates it to among my favorite of the¬†Very Good $0.89 offerings. Mmm, now a glass of Tang sounds good.

However, I already had something fruity in the second treat, a chocolate cherry fritter. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a fried chocolate dough with cherries. Flavor-wise, chocolate and cherry always have a way of working together, as does fried and anything (look at our state fair, for crying out loud. Fried Twinkies? Fried butter?! What’s next? Fried cola? Oh wait, never mind.). The fritter turned out a little tough, though. Compared to the melt-in-your-mouth sweetness of the sour cream donut, this fritter needed dunked in coffee (or in my cafe, an herbal tea substitute containing barley, chicory, and carob) to make it work. I still Decently Enjoyed¬†it, but I have cheaper favorites.

Phew! That does it for my Munch Madness catch-up bonanza. Hopefully, I’ll be more punctual with my reviews from now on. Have a great rest of March (one day), and zzzzzzzz…