My psychiatrist told me I’m crazy. I wanted a second opinion. He said, “Okay. You’re ugly, too.”

I have some free time. You peeps get a new Xanga post! How’s that? I think it’s a sweet deal. I could start charging money to read these posts…like all the other newspapers in the country are doing. First, I’d have to contact Xanga to figure out how to set it up so you need to enter your credit card information in order to read this. Eh, it wouldn’t work. I wouldn’t get ANY comments, instead of….oh….wait. I haven’t had any comments lately, either. Huh. Interesting. Well, I digress. Let’s get this thing rolling! Cue the intro music and graphics sequence! (No intro music or graphics sequence? Oh well. Feel free to hum whatever you’d like, sound effects and all!)

Well, I’m typing this from my apartment in East Wallingford. That’s just crazy to me right now. Rebekah and I are so incredibly blessed, it’s incredible. It’s quiet, we have a very friendly landlord (his famiily’s nice, too!), the land is beautiful, the apartment space itself is beautiful…the list goes on. We’ve also had the blessing of our incredible families that helped us move all of our stuff. We were able to move everything (besides a couple things we forgot) in one trip. Rebekah is absolutely amazing. I’m a very lucky man. She was a perfect girlfriend, she’s a perfect fiance, and she’s going to be a perfect wife. She’s put in so much time and work into making this house a home. It’s Wednesday. We moved everything on Sunday. There’s only a few things we have left to do. It looks beautiful in here, and all the decorating and organizing is all her doing. I can’t thank her enough. Getting our own apartment is sort of the start of the countdown. It makes the wedding feel so much closer! But, it’s certainly made me more antsy than I’ve ever been. June can’t come soon enough, lemme tell ya.

We went grocery shopping yesterday, along with other errands. Yeah, it hurt the wallet (another thrust into the proverbial ‘real world’), but it was so much fun. And, I hate grocery shopping. Just ask me. I’ll tell ya. But, Rebekah and I took time to grocery shop for our house. “Our house.” I don’t think that will sink in for a little while yet. But, when she’s here with me, it does just a little bit more. She really does make this home. That’s the major happening right now. What other things are going on? Let’s see…

The boys of summer are back! Tonight’s opening night for Major League Baseball. The Miami Marlins are playing the defending World Series champion St. Louis Cardinals (minus Phat Albert). I love spring. It’s my favorite season, I think. It’s a really optimistic season. After a long, cold, dark winter, spring makes the days lighter longer, it starts to get warmer outside, snow melts, things start to get green again. It’s great. In all seriousness, watching baseball games adds to that feeling for me. Always has. I bet it does for a lot of people, too. I’m anxious to see what the Sox are gonna do. I just heard yesterday that our new closer, Andrew Bailey, needs thumb surgery and will be out until (probably) after the all star break. Great. Either way, I like what new manager Bobby Valentine is doing. Drinking beer in the clubhouse isn’t a foreign thing to baseball teams. But, last year, the Sox players abused the privilege. Veteran players were irresponsible and it turned into a big media story. Bobby V? All alcohol banned in the clubhouse this year. Players were upset, saying that beer is not uncommon in the clubhouse. Well, with the Sox, this year it is. focus on playing the game. You make millions of dollars to play baseball and win baseball games. Any distraction should be dealt with. You GO, Bobby. I like it. Also, when there were off season workouts, some of the players complained that Bobby’s workout schedule for the players was too tough and strenuous. They’re used to ‘walk-thrus’. Hahaha. Gettin’ them into shape. Dig it! Dig it hard! A sidenote: If I could have one sport talent, as in, if I could play one position really well in any sport, I’d want to be a professional starting pitcher with the talent those guys have. Let me try to put this into perspective, in case you don’t watch much baseball. Think of a baseball, if you’ve ever seen/held one. Then, think of being able to throw it 95 miles an hour. THEN, think about being able to throw it and make it bend, curve, slow down, drop, and ‘dance’. That little baseball. Yeah. Pretty insane, if you ask me.

The Jets traded for Tim Tebow. I won’t comment on this too much, considering the media circus that has followed that move. But, I gotta say…the Jets are a team that had some serious locker room issues last year. Players on the team have been very selfish recently. Maybe having an unselfish, Christian guy who knows how to win and will push Mark Sanchez to play to his potential will be a really good thing. I’m excited to see what happens. Plus, on a football level, if new offensive coordinator Tony Sparano can figure out how to use him, the Jets could be really hard to plan for. Speaking of the Jets, you guys should see Rebekah in her new Jets jersey. #23, ‘Falco’ on the back. She’s pretty stylin’ in it. She looks good in Gang Green!

This last semester has been really hard to get motivated for. I know I’ve said that in the past, but this time..I…still….mean it. I just passed my final CSC graduation requirement. Besides your degree program and general credit requirements, there are (essentially) 3 tests you have to pass. One is a 90 minute essay. You know, to prove you right reel good and no how two spel diffrint wurds and stuph. The second test is quantitative reasoning. It’s algebra based. Pretty basic. The third is the information literacy test. This is based on the library’s circulation system, the difference between an encyclopedia and other sources, citing sources, etc. You can do these whenever you can. I did my 90 minute essay my sophomore year. I procrastinated the other two until my final semester. Hey! Those are, like, the two things I put off. I did really well stacking up on hard classes to make sure I got them done. That’s why this final semester is cake! Anyway, the last one I had to pass was the information literacy test, and I did that last week. So, now, as long as I pass my two 1/2 classes, and my internship, I get to graduate. So…I have maybe two more “big” projects (including a MASSIVE 3-4 page paper), and I can’t bring myself to take it seriously. Sorry! But, this is how I wanted it. Some friends of mine are complaining and stressing about the strategic management class they’re in right now. Their last semester and they’re going nuts with work! I don’t envy them. I like to think I was smarter with my schedule than that. And now, can’t ya just let me reap the rewards?! I wanna LIVE!!!!!

Alright. Well, I really can’t think of anything else. Oh yes. I just found out, also, that this season of House will be the last. Farewell, my favorite sitcom (besides The Simpsons). We had a good run. I think I’ve seen most every episode. My dad picks and says that it’s the same show every week. Person gets sick. They have no idea what it is. Then, they do. Then, wait! They really don’t. Then, they do again. Then, wait! They don’t again. Then, they do. Then, the show ends. But, he’s missing the point. The show was never about the patients. It’s about the character Greg House. Period. End of story. And, it has one of the coolest intro sequences. When Hugh Laurie’s eyes pop up behind the “House” logo?….Very neat.

Well, everybody, the comments can’t get worse than they have the past two posts. A big fat goose egg. So, can we try a little harder this time out? I’d appreciate it. Until next time…

“Don’t waste too much time tryin’ to be a better man, ’cause you ain’t ever gonna be one without a good woman.”
– Mark Roberts

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