New Life Experience: Painting Walls

After nearly three years, I decided it was time. Now the ugly, yellow, goes-with-nothing wall color is no longer with us! Yay!

This was my first venture in painting walls! How at age 25 had I not done this? From birth to 21, I lived with my lovely folks. My dad is very much a white wall, no paint, no holes in the wall kind of guy. I believe growing up I had enough sticky tack on my walls I could have compiled it to make a 10:1 scale model of the earth. Then I rented one year, and then bought my current lovely house at 2286. Honestly, the paint colors were all tactful (just not always well done) when we moved in and so I’ve had little ambition to change them. The spare room goes fairly unutilized except for guests a few times a year.

So you’re dying to see the ugly, right? Well here it is:

Not terrible if you’re a girl < 8 years old, or a direct relative of the Easter bunny. None of our furniture decor matched, and we just generally didn’t like it so, here’s what we did.

Spend $80 at Lowe’s. Check.

Remove switch covers, etc. Check.

Tape. And more tape. Check.

First coat – all white! Aaaaah, the glorious institutional white walls I grew up with as a kid. It was a bit comforting for about two seconds.

And that’s the World’s Best Dog there supervising. I have to tell you, he laid in the room the entire time I painted and we experienced no spills, paint on tail, or other dog related incidents. In case you were wondering, he’s perfect.

I let this dry overnight. Then I got fancy with my laser level and some tape. I measured the wall and divided by 15. Each stripe ended up being 9.25 in wide which was what I was shooting for (wanted 8-10 in stripes)! To my great suprise my walls were also plumb – good work McBride and Sons.

I thought this looked so neat I almost left it. But what would I do with the grey paint I bought? So I didn’t.

And then my Pinterest dreams started becoming reality! Holy jumpin, this turned out exactly as I was hoping!

And VOILA! The finished product! I just did stripes on the two longer walls without the closet and windows. I am so happy with how it turned out. I still go in and tell the stripes goodnight every evening before I go to bed.

So now I have a very lovely empty room. The furniture is downstairs getting a Shabulous makeover, which I’m hoping to have done this week! Can’t wait to see it all come together!

Thanks for reading!