New Potatoes

If you avoid potatoes for reasons of starch content, rest assured that the new potatoes have a much lower starch content than the storage ones. They are buttery and delicious and pretty much our favourite thing of all this time of year.

You can tell a “new potato” over a “baby potato” from the skins.  The skin on new potatoes will be falling off in places because it has just formed and rubs off in the process of harvest and washing.  Don’t be duped: there’s a HUGE difference in flavour between a new potato and a not-so-new potato.

Season: New Potatoes are ready as early as we can get them (usually early July) and they stay new-tasting until it starts to get cool in the fall and they cure.

Storage Tips: Always store new potatoes in the fridge! Their skins haven’t developed and so if you store them in the cupboard like storage spuds they will meet their demise quickly. In a bag or reuseable container is best.

Preparation Tips: Jon and I enjoy ours boiled, with cream and baby dill and green onions poured over them, Stephanie and Paul often just boil and then coat liberally in baby dill and butter.

A great recipe we love for the first veggies of the summer is Hodge Podge.