Norway Spruce: A New Tree for Christmas 2013

We decided to purchase a locally grown live Norway Spruce to decorate our mudroom this Christmas. It is about 4 to 4.5 ft tall. After Christmas we planted it in the front yard. It was very cute and welcomed our guests to the farm for the holidays.

Next year we might try a blue spruce or maybe a white pine. We also plan to try a cut tree for our main tree in the living room. The bigger and prettier that artificial trees get, the harder they are to put together. This year we used a tree that we have had for a while but were never able to fit it in our old living room. It took me two days just to assemble it not to mention a day or two to decorate.

As a side note… The after Christmas clearance sales on Christmas merchandise is a great place to stock up on all Christmas supplies for the next year, especially the expensive LED light strands. This year we found 25 count C7 LED light strands for $1.45 per box and miniature 65 count LED light strands for $1.98 per box.