{NYFW Men’s Fall17} Nick Graham teamed with Bill Nye and cameo’d Buzz Aldrin for Life on Mars: Fall/Winter 2035 collection 

When you get an invitation to a New York Fashion Week show hosted by Bill Nye with Buzz Aldrin modeling, how can you say no? Is this for real?!

Yes. Yes it was. Even better, the show wasn’t just narrated by Nye; America’s favorite tv scientist also collaborated with Graham in designing the bow ties of the collection. And science nerds are in (as they should be).

During a time in our culture when escapism is on the rise, Nye was teaching us about the possibility of breaking out of this crazy world we live in for a fresh new start…on Mars. The collection was entitled Life on Mars: Fall/Winter 2035, as that is the estimate that Buzz Aldrin envisions we’ll be taking humans to the red planet. Graham explained, “Mars is the new black, and we want to be on trend.”

Upon entering the dark show space, we were led to stand all on one side of the runway as galactic footage splayed across the opposite wall, and modern otherworldly instrumentals along with recordings of astronauts talking to ground control heightened the anticipation.