Oldie but goodie…..The Taggie

The Taggie….. Where to start, both of my boys have been absolutely addicted to this ( 6.0 ” W x 0.25 ” L) piece of soft cloth with swatches of textured ribbon in bright colors surrounding it’s perfectly cute form. Not too long ago my little one lost his beloved Taggie  in the mall. From the time it took us to walk the 20 feet from elevator to food court for Mommy’s Diet Coke it had vanished, walked away, left it’s loving family. As any good mommy would, I trecked our route 5 times with a screaming toddler crying for his “na na” aka Taggie for 45 minutes, dug through trash cans, scouted nearby stores hoping for a warm lead- nothing! Even made a last ditch effort to security (as clearly this was a complete and utter security issue) and nothing.  Thinking to myself   “how are hubby and I going to possibly survive the night without our child’s sleep companion”? I quickly called my own Mommy who still lives on this planet  for a solution, that clever crafty woman made her version of our Taggie out of fabric scraps in her closet which surprisingly looks eerily similar to the original version! Check out the comparison….

Taggie which was once sold in high end boutiques publically sold their company and is conveniently sold at your local general stores (Target, Walmart, Toys R Us, Babies R Us) at a fabulous price tag of a whopping $8.95! Now keep in mind, you can order directly from several baby boutique sites and add name personalization and dates plus have a much wider selection of those cool little self soothers in shapes such as flowers, stars and sports themes!

Two Super charged thumps up from this Mom!