Parnell Banished to the DL as Bullpen Woes Continue

Bobby Parnell has been placed on the 15 day-DL with right shoulder tendonitis, replaced by RHP Logan Verrett.

If you honestly think Parnell is injured, you’re an imbecile. The man is 0-3, with a 14.14 ERA since July 22nd. These are not stats you want to see from someone who has had 10 appearances in that time frame. It was time for him to have some time to himself to contemplate his future as a baseball player.

He looked like he was going to have a strong return from Tommy-John surgery this season, debuting on June 13th and only allowing 8 hits, 1 ER, and 4 BB’s in 13 appearances (12.1 IP) through July 21st. It was immediately obvious that his velocity had taken a permanent hit, and his once consistent 96+ mph fastball was a thing of the past. He is now sitting around 91-92 mph, rarely straying above, but seemed to have developed far superior pitch-location abilities than what he was previously known for. He was shaping up to be an exceptional arm in the pen.

I’m not sure what happened from July 22nd on, but Parnell has fallen apart. He had a few appearances where he looked halfway decent since then, but his stuff was clearly not the same. Perhaps his two most notorious performances which hinted at his downturn were getting tuned up late and being solely responsible for that heartbreaking 4-3 loss to Washington, and handing San Diego 3 runs to start off their late rally to come back and win from being down 7-1 in the 7th.

After this weekend series with Pittsburgh, it was no surprise at all that Terry booted his ass out of the bullpen. Personally, I would have designated him for assignment, he hasn’t shown any consistency or even a shade of dominance in almost a month. Not to mention the fact that he’s been costing us important games in the midst of a playoff race. The Pirates made him look foolish in the 10th on Friday night’s game, allowing them to go up 3-1 and grab the victory. 3 straight hits on 10 pitches, resulting in 2 runs. He couldn’t even record an out. Miserable. And his performance in the 7th on Sunday of yet another 1-1 ballgame was mind-numbing to say the least. A walk to start the inning, followed by a routine double play ball hit right to him- but he throws the ball to an empty second base because Tejada was a little late getting to the bag (idiot). Double clutch or just throw to first! We’re playing one of the top teams in baseball and we’re trying to put as much space as possible between us and the ailing Nationals, we simply don’t have time for this shit. First and third, no outs. Single, fly out, past ball, walk, single, GET THE FUCK OUT, BOB. Down 4-1. Parnell took the longest walk of his life from the mound to the club house, leaving a trail of poop the entire way that leaked from the bottom of his left pant leg. The Pirates never looked back and swept us into the gutter.

I’m hoping Logan Verrett can return and continue where he left off with the Mets (12.1 IP, 0.73 ERA). He possesses the ability to throw multiple consecutive innings and can even make a spot start here and there if needed. If this weekend series with Pittsburgh taught us anything, it’s that we can contend with the best teams the league has to offer (although we avoided their 3 top arms), but our bullpen is very thin and it is not difficult to outlast us in deep games. We need to improve. Scour the waiver wire. Get Montero healthy. Hopefully Goeddel will be back soon, haven’t heard any new developments on him. What’s Vic Black doing these days? He can stay where he is if he’s going to turn out like Parnell, they were similar pitchers when they were both bringing it and throwing hard.

Crossing my fingers we hold this lead and squeak into the playoffs. I’m confident that this team will be an entirely different animal come postseason. The big dogs on the mound are gonna make any opponent very nervous. And I don’t see the clowns in our bullpen getting any opportunities to trot out onto the field. We just have to hold on for now.