Planning a Weekday Wedding

Today, we are taking a look at the increasingly popular weekday wedding. From experience, most couples tend to tie the knot over a weekend, with Saturdays being the most popular day followed by Fridays and then Sundays. Holiday weekends are also typically parlayed into wedding weekends (particularly destination weddings) to give attendants an extra travel day or just an extra day to celebrate. However, no matter what weekend you decide to get married, it can carry a hefty price-tag. According to, “It’s a simple case of supply and demand.” Here are a few benefits of having a wedding during the week…


  • Venue and vendor costs may be lower and more negotiable. Since mid-week events are not as popular, most venues will have more availability, lower rates, and more relaxed requirements. When deciding on a date, be sure to ask the price difference!
  • Your guest list gets more intimate. Although most people tend to take a day or two off of work for weekend weddings, it might be more difficult for some to take extra days off for a mid-week wedding. Don’t be disappointed by the higher number of regrets, though. This will keep your list to a select, intimate group of supporters.
  • Surprise! One way to produce that “wow factor” everyone looks for in a wedding is to make it a surprise! Inviting guests to an unassuming mid-week dinner and then walking down the aisle in a wedding gown is certainly an element of surprise no one will expect!
  • Date specific? Don’t sweat it! If you have a specific date in mind, like the date you got engaged or the “once in your lifetime” numeric combination (11-11-11), don’t dismiss it because it falls on a weekday. If your heart is set on having that particular date, then there is no reason to have it any other way!
  • Be different. If you are the couple that strives to stick out, stand above, and make a lasting impression, a weekday wedding can help accomplish that. Join the Europeans and the growing number of celebrities and have your wedding on……a WEDNESDAY!!!
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