POLAROID trailer features a cursed camera, film due August 25, 2017!

Dimension Films has released the first trailer for the upcoming horror film POLAROID. The film follows a teenager who stumbles upon a vintage Polaroid camera that also happens to kill everyone who gets their picture taken with it. The concept is simple, and I like that. It’s familiar because it works. THE RING. FINAL DESTINATION. IT FOLLOWS. They’re all about an unstoppable approaching force of death and they all work in different ways. With a concept like this it’s all about the execution — it can be very hit-or-miss.

POLAROID is the feature debut for director Lars Klevberg, adapting from his Norwegian short film of the same name, which earned critical acclaim when it made the festival rounds in 2015. The trailer has a sheen of that studio sameness that makes me skeptical of some films, but it also displays a couple cool concepts that could lead to some great set pieces. LIGHTS OUT started out a short with a strong but simple concept and worked so well as a feature because of the execution, I’m hoping that will be the case for POLAROID as well.

POLAROID stars Kathryn Prescott, Mitch Pileggi, Grace Zabriskie, Tyler Young, Keenan Tracey, Samantha Logan, Priscilla Quintana, and Madelaine Petsch and opens August 25.