Polaroid’s Cube camera

Polaroid Cube Lifestyle Action Camera

The Polaroid Cube is a delightful little camera that takes still shots and video. Like the name suggests, it’s a tiny cube just 35mm on a side. It sticks to any and all magnetic surfaces—even your dinner fork. It can be tossed around and taken out on the town and record all of life’s oh-so-precious moments. But so can your smartphone. Does being darling make a difference? Yes, but perhaps not enough to justify your $99.

Some gadgets feel like they need to be handled with care until you settle into a comfort zone and they become part of your life. The Cube isn’t one of those. The moment it came out of the package, I was totally comfortable stuffing it in my pocket. I threw it in my bag; I let buddies futz around with it; I accidentally dropped it a few times. It’s solidly built, but super friendly and maneuverable. It just screams: “I’m here for good times! Enjoy me!”

Polaroid commissioned San Francisco-based studio Ammunition to oversee the entire design, and it shows. Wrapped in what feels like a hard rubber eraser with a “retro” rainbow stripe that runs around the perimeter, the Cube is totally adorable. Ammunition’s the company that created the ubiquitous Beats by Dre headphones, so that makes sense: the company is well-familiar with making distinctive products with mass-market appeal. They’ve proven they know how to make something that people not only want to use, but want to be seen using.

There’s only one button on this baby, a nod to the One-Shot Polaroids of yore. A teensy—like, really small—adjacent light swaps from red to green, flashing or steady, to let you know the camera’s current mode. As you switch between them, a series of corresponding beeps will give you an audible heads-up.Here’s how it works: Hold the button down for three seconds and the Cube turns on. Push it once and you’ll snap a still pic, or press it twice and you’ll start to record video and sound. One more touch will stop recording, and another three-second hold will turn it off again. That’s it. It’s super simple…

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