Preparation for the CCA no 6 -Trangia menus

Here are a few menus I have tried using a trangia. Two pots used for all dishes.

Tuna and corn with rice.

Food-Can of tuna, sweetcorn, packet of mushroom sauce, milk, water and rice.

Boil the rice in water, make the mushroom sauce with milk according to the packet. Add drained  tuna and sweetcorn and serve with rice.

Beef Curry and rice.

Food- Mince, onion,apple,a pepper,curry powder, salt, pepper, water, oil and rice.

Boil the rice in water. Fry the mice with or without oil. Chop onion and pepper and add to cooking meat. Make a sauce with the curry powder, salt and pepper and add to meat mixture. Bring to boil, add the chopped apple, serve with rice.

Stir fry with noodles.

Food-noodles, selection of vegetables, oil and soy sauce.

Chop vegetables and stir fry them. Cook noodles according to the instructions on the packet. Add soy sauce to noodles. Serve together.

Creamy pasta.

Food- pasta shells, tin of condensed chicken or mushroom soup, mushrooms, onions, water and ham pieces.

Boil pasta shells in water. Chop up onions and mushrooms and fry until soft. Chop up ham . Add tin of soup as a sauce, the ham, the onions and mushrooms to the pasta.

Fried Chicken and vegetables.

Food- fillet of chicken breast, onion, peppers,carrots and other vegetables of choice. Bread rolls or rice.

Cut chicken into pieces, fry until cooked – pink colour is gone. Chop vegetables into small pieces. Add to chicken and fry until cooked. Add seasoning if desired.