Pressure-Cooker Duck Fat Risotto

Recently, I stumbled upon J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s technique for pressure-cooker risotto, and decided to take it for a spin using my Instant Pot electric pressure cooker. Considering that risotto has been around for 600 years, it’s nice to see a new spin on a classic preparation.

This technique worked perfectly (big surprise), so I have been using it frequently as a means to make perfect risotto without all that stirring. I even had to buy a new bag of arborio rice this past weekend, which is a rare occurrence – risotto rice always seems to last forever. If you don’t have a pressure cooker (yet!), don’t worry, I’ve included stovetop instructions as well.

To highlight this new take on risotto, I decided to err on the side of decadent: duck fat, mushrooms, prosciutto, and orange zest all fit together seamlessly to form a dish that’s equal parts familiar and exotic – and surprisingly dairy-free, to boot.

It’s good to have a jar of duck fat hiding in the recesses of your fridge; we like to use it when roasting vegetables, searing steaks, popping popcorn, or coating a chicken before tossing it in the oven. For this recipe I used the duck fat from Fat Works, who also offer high-quality pastured pork lard, beef tallow, lamb tallow, and buffalo tallow.