Professional Goals After College – Jane Kim

Because this was such an open prompt assignment, I chose to write a short academic essay on my professional goals after college. My call to write was because this is something that I think about more and more as I finish my first year in college. Although I still have many years to finish off, I wanted to write out what my immediate goals are once I graduate from Emerson College. I also wanted to rearrage my thoughts and write out what I believe a journalist’s duty is. I also wrote about what I would want to accomplish and cover as a journalist, and how I want to help build a bridge for aspiring journalists as well, once I become a successful news anchor.

I would like to start my career as a broadcast reporter after graduating from college. In building my career in broadcast journalism, my ideal would be to both create a network of contacts, and to improve my practical knowledge of the field, by working as an on-site reporter for local news stations in smaller markets. I want to learn all I can about diverse perspectives, and to learn how to research, write, and present different kinds of news stories.

Hopefully, my career will provide a foundation for the pursuit of my dream of becoming the main news anchor for a major US television network. In particular, I would like to do nightly news for CNN. I am interested in covering issues regarding social justice, racial and cultural tensions. The position of head anchor appeals to me because it would allow me to be a voice for underrepresented groups. After years of being a reporter, I will hopefully have gained enough experience to have mastered both the art of the interview and the art of presenting complex ideas in compelling ways.

I am committed to broadcast news because of its potential to initiate constructive change. I believe broadcast news can achieve a greater focus on substantive and in-depth content about the pressing social issues we currently face. Viewers should be provided comprehensive objective and subjective analysis, so that broadcast news becomes a reliable method for people to cognize critical social issues. I want the news to encourage critical thinking and questioning of issues such as current social inequalities and the importance of diversity, by presenting the results of in-depth research on these topics. I believe that the promotion of awareness and understanding of social inequalities and injustices is essential to our society’s future success, and I believe the position of anchorwoman can be a vehicle to create both social awareness and potential positive change.

Today, news anchors are more than just attractive television personalities reading off Teleprompters. They are involved in getting stories, creating the packages, and writing scripts, as well as presenting them to the public. For an anchor, it is essential to be able to think quickly in the event of breaking news. They need to deliver news in a way that builds credibility to their viewers.

After I’ve achieved my goal of working for a major network, I want to work to bridge a path for Korean Americans interested in my field. I can appreciate the difficulty of achieving dreams without the guidance and inspiration of an accomplished role model. I want to be an active leader in my community. I wish to make a difference both in the content and quality of news, and in the lives of future aspiring journalists.