@ProjectMC2’s theme is #SmartIsTheNewCool, and their #Dolls are definitely cool. @TTPM

The video I’m posting today isn’t one of my own, but it’s a toy review that’s available from TTPM Toy Reviews on YouTube. It features the Bryden Bandweth doll from Project MC2, and as you may have guessed, I’m going to be providing a FREE printable sewing pattern for this and other Project MC2 dolls this week.

For those of you who, like me, prefer a fully-articulated doll, please be aware than not all of the Project MC2 dolls are fully-articulated. Like the Monster High dolls, some lack articulation in the elbow and knee joints, so pay close attention to the packaging before buying a Project MC2 doll.

On the whole, I’ve been very satisfied with my Project MC2 dolls and have purchased four of them so far. I find them easy to pose, and their large eyes and long eyelashes are endearing. But what I love most about the Project MC2 dolls is the positive message they send to girls: “Smart is the new cool!” You can’t beat that STEM-empowering theme!

This week’s pattern is for a pirate or colonial-style hat, that fits the Project MC2 dolls’ 14 cm or 5 and 1/2-inch circumference heads. Here’s what it looks like when complete: