Red Nose Day 24.3.17

The day started with a fun assembly led by Mrs Roberts and the School Council. The children from the Council told the rest of the school about Red Nose day and its origins and then told us some jokes. The theme of Red Nose day this year to ‘make your laugh count’. Some of the teachers ( including our own Miss D.) were good sports as they stood at the front trying to not make mistakes with some tongue twisters.

Following the examples set by the teachers, Y6 then tried to catch one another out with some of their own tongue twisters.

In the afternoon we had good fun with Mrs Farmer with a dance session.

Before this however we had our weekly spelling test, where Ryan raised a bit more money for Red Nose day following a challenge to reach a required amount for donations from teachers and other children in class.

Grace impressed us all in Year 6 with a ‘sponsored silence’ day. She also managed to add another £30 pounds through sponsorship as she managed to stay silent until         ( when she was actually fit to burst!)

A big well done to Grace and Ryan for their efforts!