'Return of the Jedi' is 131 Minutes of Bizarre

Image via StarWars.com

In anticipation of Star Wars returning to the big screen, I have been watching the original trilogy again (just like most of the world). The original, A New Hope, is still fun and exciting and generally great. Empire is still easily the best of the bunch with its darkness and constant mutterings of “It’s not my fault!” Return of the Jedi? It’s really fucking weird.

The weird is what’s great about Jedi. Sure, the fulfillment of Luke’s journey to manhood and his father’s redemption is the heart of the movie. The window dressing for all of that is as bizarre as Star Wars gets.

Jabba’s Palace

We start at Jabba’s palace, which features some of the lowest scum in the galaxy, as well as adorable muppets. Look at Max Rebo! He’s basically that stuffed elephant that you needed to sleep as a kid. Awwwww.

The entire music scene in Jabba’s place is bonkers, and it seems to get even worse with each subsequent home video release. Sy Snoodles looks like a rejected mutant from Toontown in Roger Rabbit that was made even more disturbing when CGI’d up. George Lucas also decided to inflict the world with Joh Yowza. Yes, Yowza. He’s that furry baritone guy with the big CGI mouth that clearly was never a muppet. He is a sucky pile of suck.