REVIEW: Trader Joe’s Beef Taquitos

I had a secret love of taquitos growing up. You know the ones that you could get at Safeway that were gross and delicious and probably contained 17 different kinds of mystery meat? Those. All that said, it wasn’t my nostalgia that brought the TJs version to my freezer, it was my boyfriend’s. Personally I was pretty uninterested in eating these, but in the name of science I decided to try them anyway.

Honestly? They were just okay. Maybe my taste buds have changed (even though I still think that Cinnamon Toast Crunch is the best breakfast cereal known to man), maybe my standards have risen, but these just didn’t do it for me. They weren’t salty enough–how that is even possible I have no idea–and the filling was under-seasoned. I dipped them in salsa, which helped a lot, but I was hoping that they’d be able to stand on their own as well. If you do end up buying these, don’t do it without getting some salsa, sour cream, and guacamole too. The amount of sauces required to make these taquitos really good essentially turns them into a protein-filled vehicle for condiments, but I understand the siren song of guacamole so I won’t be standing in your way.

All is not lost, however! If you want that old school taquito flavor in an extra delicious form, bypass these and pick up some TJs beef tamales from the freezer section instead. Those are extra awesome, with the added bonus that because they’re tamales you can convince yourself that you’re eating a legit meal rather than a pile of snack food.

PRICE: $3.99 per box

WOULD I RECOMMEND THEM?: Not really.¬†They’re food and they’re not offensive or actively bad (TJs sushi and horrendous Mojito Salmon, I’m looking at you), just boring. If you like taquitos you might enjoy them, but I bet that you’d like TJs frozen beef tamales a whole lot more.