Sex, Drugs & Rock n’ Roll…. Or not?

Ever thought of rockstars in that same way? That their lives revolve around the idea of being cool prospects people could actually follow up in real life? Well… I’ve been debating with myself lately, and I just decided to label myself as an unlabeled type of rockstar (if that’s even what you want to call me.) I just don’t agree on the idea of having sex all the time HAS to be an obligatory requirement in order to become this huge rockstar. My restless twin brother is another story though… I’m pretty sure you’ve heard or read about the worlwide spread-out on the news of him being umm… How can I put this? A little sexually incapacitated due to his sexual duty. Being a rockstar to Tom’s mind is fucking any available orifice there is. I’ve tried in various occasions to warn him about this whole sexual freak thing he’s gotten used to ever since we are… what? 15? You might think that’s a pretty premature age to start having an active sexual life. Well for Tom that was just the beginning, I even lost count on how many girls has he banged along our lives. Perhaps even he lost count of it himself.

This is where you might wonder, “What about you Bill? You’ve recently admitted not being the virgin the world thought you were.” I know I’m certainly not it but I do not submit to the fact of being the saint in the group. I’ve had a lot of shit for it, I’ve even been called GAY for it- Give me a break would you? The fact that I wear make-up and have this intolerable tendency to love man-heels do not leads me to the queer -rainbow way of life. But I’m sure real fans are aware of that.

If once Tom was accused of fucking a guy, he’d probably laugh his ass off right there. We might be brothers but we differ in more ways than one and that includes our wardrobes ???? I’m not saying I’m gay but I’d like to clarify I’ve got certain respect to all that people who are not afraid of being bashed for publicly accepting who they are. Seriously, My respect!

I hope there are no doubts left (as if I were directing them to someone in specific, right?)

And here for the sake of your enjoyment is  a little view of the slight man-whore my twinnie is ????

Yeah, way to get us into trouble Tom!


Bill K.