Summer 2015

The blog has been quiet this summer, largely because the summer has been so busy. Alongside the usual teaching-based parts of a lectureship that carry on when the undergraduates are away (supervising PhD students, examining Masters dissertations, conducting PhD review boards, marking exams and resits, writing lectures for the new academic year etc.), the summer is a key time for ongoing research projects and research trips. So, amongst other things, my summer has been taken up with…

Archival Research at the VU Amsterdam

In July I spent a week conducting research in the Bavinck Archive at the Historische Documentatiecentrum voor het Nederlandse Protestantisme, at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. My current monograph project is an intellectual biography of Bavinck, charting the development of his ideas within the context of his life, and this research trip was largely focused on gathering (and copying) sources: letters, unpublished notes and books, journals etc.

Postcard from Abraham Kuyper to Bavinck

Oxford Handbook to Reformed Theology

The early summer was also taken up with the preparation of a chapter, ‘Reformed Theology in Modern Europe (19th and 20th Centuries),’ for the Oxford Handbook to Reformed Theology, edited by Michael Allen and Scott Swain (forthcoming: Oxford University Press). These were fascinating and turbulent chapters of European history – with many interesting localised and Europe-wide movements in the development of a range of Reformed theologies.

Edinburgh Dogmatics Conference

Last week, I took part in the Edinburgh Dogmatics Conference, a biennial theological conference aimed at both pastors and academic theologians, hosted by Rutherford House. This year’s theme was ‘Reformed Worship,’ with my paper being on ‘Bavinck, preaching and worship’.

Panel discussion on the sacraments, with Kees van der Kooi, Katherine Sonderegger and Elizabeth Shively.