Summer Days of Fruitrition 5/7 – Healing Journey Day 68

Journal:I woke up exhausted again. I got one extra hour of sleep compared to the night before, but this is definitely something I need to work on. I know my body would thank me for it.

So, prepping the night before is REALLY helping me out. That’s the key to success. However, I did think I would be able to get up this morning to make the morning Jaffrade, but that did not happen at all. I didn’t soak my dates and I didn’t take out my orange juicer… so… I took my mango snack with me and the rest of the bananas that I did not use to make the banana celery smoothie last night. And I combined the two together to make myself a banana mango smoothie this morning. It wasn’t huge, but we could call it a good snack-sized smoothie.

I did end up eating some hot lunch which was a total lapse of brain. I didn’t need it at all. Yet for whatever reason, I did anyway. I’m really thinking my lack of sleep is messing with my ability to function. I have felt lacklustre at work, my patience has not been at its normal level, and even though I just had some awesome training the past few weeks, I find myself not using my training like I was so excited to do before. 4 hours of sleep a night is not enough. It needs to be fixed NOW.

In the afternoon, I did manage to get time to eat my soup that I made from mangoes, tomatoes, celery and basil. It was decent and the flavours were vibrant, all except the mango flavour. Quality mangoes would make all the difference.

I ended up taking a nap after work. I honestly was so exhausted. I probably could have slept the rest of the night, but the 20 minutes seemed to be all I could have for the time being.

To add to my exhausted bad choices, I found some more rice and chowed it down. I wished I hadn’t done it as soon as I ate it. Honestly… I’m frustrated.

I did prep some of the menu for tomorrow. I made two litres of fresh orange juice, and the Jaffrade I was supposed to drink for today, though I only made a half serving for tomorrow. Because my biggest jar only held 1.6L, I decided to drink the other 400 mL tonight. Let’s just say my stomach is a little distended…

I ate a lot today, and the worst part is, I felt like I could eat more. I’m not sure why I felt so ravenous, but I stopped before bed because I knew my body needs to digest. I didn’t even work as much tonight because I was just too tired. Thankfully, tomorrow is only a half day of work so I can get my errands done and sleep. Sleep and water are the two major things that I currently need.

Review of Symptoms:
-Acne is bad.
-Hair is feeling great.
-Period is super light/almost gone already.
-Feeling awesome muscle soreness from my workout yesterday.
-Need more water… and sleep…

Weight at the end of the day = 170 lbs (now this surprised me because it’s the same as yesterday!!)

Total Calories = 3692 (84% carbs, 6% fat, 10% protein… awesome macro ratio but woah… I ate a lot today!)