The oysters of Colombo explored beautiful Buddhist temples

Colombo, Sri Lanka: 2 days
November 2012

Over the public holiday weekend in November, I wanted to book a trip but I wasn’t sure where to go. One of my Australian friends, Alana, asked if I was interested in seeing Sri Lanka, because she knew friends of friends who were living there. I didn’t know anything about Sri Lanka at the time, nor had it been on my list of places to travel, but I figured I would try somewhere new. We booked flights out to Colombo in the spur of the moment, leaving the detailed planning to a later time.

A few weeks of procrastination later, Alana texted me to figure out last minute logistics. As we were chatting, she asked, “do we need visas?”. Oops. I had completely forgotten to check. In a last minute panic, we discovered that we were leaving the next day and both of us needed to apply, but it took at least 3 working days to process. Crossing our fingers, we sent in online applications and desperately hoped that they would go through. To our relief, within 24 hours, we received a confirmation email and we were ready to travel!