The U.S. release of “TERMINATOR 2” in 3D will only show in AMC Theaters its first week?

In the United States, we knew the T-800 Model 101 from “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” would be back in 3D this August, 25th 2017. However recent reports suggest depending on where you live, he might not be back in a theater near you… at least not at first.

The popular Hollywood trade Variety has just reported that director James Cameron’s 4K 3D conversion of “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, will screen exclusively at AMC locations during its first week back in theaters. That means no other theater chain will be showing it, at least not in its first seven days of release.

Unfortunately, while AMC has a huge presense in many states, the popular theater chain does not have theaters in all 50 states, and some states offer limited options. This ultimately means some fans in the U.S. may have to plan an enormous road trip to see James Cameron’s classic sci-fi sequel on the big screen when it premieres.

So will it be showing in a theater near you? To see where the closest AMC theater is to your place of residence, check out AMC’s theater directory by clicking HERE. And we hope every U.S. based Terminator fan gets an opportunity to see James Cameron’s classic blockbuster sequel on the big screen again.

We’ll be back.