These Aren’t Cookie Cutter, For Sure

After not making anything substancial for two weeks, I was in serious need to overheat my house again. As always I managed to mess something up, I tried to make a dough one night, I let it chill, everything. It all seemes to be perfect, too perfect. I had the dough rolled, all set ready to go in the oven. But, those landed themselves in the trash and they were probably the darkest shade of black I could think of.

To make myself feel better, and to not have to end the blog post there. I decided ‘Hey, why don’t I try again?’ This time, over the weekend. The idea, crazy yes. But I couldn’t bare to not feed all my friends, that’s just not something I would stand for.

I tried two methods. One in which I would use a cookie cutter, and the other my fancy new Christmas cookie press. Yeah, see what happened was I messed up again. I didn’t make much of the batter that I was using for the cookie press ones. I planned on making thin, but chewy cookies. Again, this didn’t happen. I made very thick cookies after learning that I couldn’t change the thickness on the press. It was a one size fits all type of deal.

In the end, I made a third batch, this one would be used on the cookie cutters. By far the best method. I could control the cookies to being the perfect thickness and made way cooler shapes, like Raindear. Serious shout out to Wiltons for making the cookie cutters cause they’re so cool.

Anyway, I had a super fun time decorating them with some of my younger cousins, it was a nice bonding family time. It also meant that a lot, A LOT, of frosting was wasted. But, it was super fun. I would totally make these again. They came out pretty good, from what I’ve heard, I never even got one! But be on the look out for more.