This Is Marvel’s Phase 3 Line Up [UPDATED]

“For the reason above I can’t see a Cap 3 in Phase 3 unless Cap 2 is a huge global smash. He’ll be back in Avengers 3.”

That’s what I wrote back in August. Well it turns out Cap 2 is indeed a huge global smash!

When I first write this feature I was really thinking that Cap 2 would likely be the last Captain America film due to the solid but moderate box office of the first film and various other factors outlined below.

Well guess what, Marvel has now announced as has been rumoured for the pats few weeks that not only is Captain America 3 in development, it is now set to release on May 6 2016!

In this case I’m happy to be proved wrong because Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a phenomenal film and I’m very pleased about its success thus far. The Russo Bros really knocked it out of the park and managed to meld great action with an intriguing plot, great character moments realised by a superb cast bringing its A-game and ended with a major shake up of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – a very brave move by Marvel.

We can only speculate at this moment what the film will be about but surely Crossbones, Falcon, the Winter Solider and those rotters at Hydra will feature heavily.

As for that release date? For those keeping track that was the date Marvel bookmarked with “Untitled Marvel Studios film” last year and the same date which Warners Bros later moved their delayed Batman vs. Superman movie.

This is a very bold move by Marvel and shows how confident they are in their MCU. These characters may have once been perceived as B-list, but now Marvel Studios has made each and every one of them major box office draws. On paper it would seem like an unfair fight: the two most recognisable superheroes vs. a less known character.

But remember Thor 2 a supposedly minor character compared to Superman made just $24m less worldwide than Man of Steel and with a much lower production and marketing budget! Which in effect indicates it was more profitable than MOS. And now Cap 2 is looking at a total gross that could even exceed Man Of Steel.

Combined with a post Avengers 2 bump, Captain America 3 should be a very worthy competitor to Batman vs. Superman. At this point Marvel although playing risky game can afford to take the hit but Warner Bros. are out of their minds if they release on the same date. They have everything it loose, whereas Marvel knows if Cap 3 does (however unlikely) underperform they still have plenty of other big budget, much-anticipated superhero movies waiting in the wings.

DC just can’t afford to take the risk. If BVS underperforms in any way it will put a massive dampener on their plans for a cohesive and connected DC movie universe. They have traditionally had much success in mid July so why not move to their home date and let Marvel keep their long-established May date?

I expect one of the films will eventually move despite execs from both companies claiming they are sticking to their guns. Whatever happens we are gearing up to a very exciting 2016 move season for comic book fans!

This is now what Phase 3 looks like and what I think will make up the rest of the phase and in what order:

o Ant-Man (July 2015) OFFICIAL

o Captain America 3 (May 2016) OFFICIAL

o Dr Strange (2016)

o Thor 3 (2017)

o Black Panther (2017)

o Avengers 3 (2018)

o Inhumans / Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 (2018)

I will update the list as we find out officially from Marvel what the next Phase 3 films are. I can imagine a good number of these will be revealed at Comic Con 2014 with hopefully some juicy plot details too.

You can read my original theory below. For what its worth I think the others will still hold true!


An In-Depth Logical Look At Marvel’s Phase 3

At this Summers’s Comic Con 2013 event in San Diego, Marvel once again stole the show with a knockout panel that kicked of with Tom Hiddleston in character as Loki introducing footage from Thor 2 (incidentally I think he may be the most popular Marvelite after Robert Downey Jr), an exciting Captain America 2 panel, an even better Guardians of the Galaxy panel and then finally  Joss Whedon causally sauntering out to reveal that Avengers 2 will be titled The Avengers: Age Of Ultron.