Thursday Door ~ Saucy Brew Works, warehouse door mural and Randy

There is this mural

plus two others.

The Saucy logo,

and the outdoor mural,

huge and not totally finished,

length of the warehouse

painting by Randy,

must be saved

for another time!

I want to give you one

last perspective of this mural

(Please look,* no need to comment,*

on the next 4th post of Doors.)

since I climbed on the catwalk,

High above this huge garage door:

All for you to be able to see the size!

This post is part of a Thursday series

of Doors, such a rainbow variety

displayed in blue frogs links

found on Norm Frampton’s blog:

Hope this series all on one day

keeps your imagination soaring!

There are future famous people

who will enchant and amaze

you, when I publish the

photos of the ground

floor participants of

this up and coming

Saucy Brew Works!