Tips for “Going Green” with Your Conventional Septic System

Going green is something many households are striving to take on, including making their conventional septic system a little more earth-friendly. There are several ways that make going green with a septic easy, and they’re low cost.

3 Ways to Make Your Septic “Green”

1. Limit how many chemicals go down the drain. Instead of using cleaners with bleach, which can be harsh on the septic system, try a green product, or in other words, one that is made from natural ingredients.

2. Only flush biodegradable products such as septic safe toilet paper and human waste. Never flush feminine products, cigarette butts, q-tips, trash etc. Septic safe toilet paper doesn’t contain bleach, perfumes or dyes, is single-ply and non-quilted. Many brands are made from recycled materials making it a greener product.

3. Use less water. Not only does this put less stress on the septic system, it’s an all-around green way to go. Fix leaky taps, put a time limit on showers and only run the washer when it’s full.

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