To New Ideas. Comica Obscura #13

Before I go any farther on this blog,

RIP Adam West. You will be missed.

Finally got internet in new house.  I work too much but would rather be typing away letting you know about nerdy/geeky stuff. I missed you my internet people and to the people who read this stuff  I know 1 of three things about you.


  • You like comics or nerdy stuff.
  • You are awesome and I love you all. (pouring out a part of of my 40 ouncer for my homies).
  • You are noticing a pattern that everything I write about has a tendency of coming to pass in the cinematic universe.
  • [/ol]

    Am I psychic…

    No, I am not psychic I just know the past so well that I can see now where it will repeat itself.

    Just recently watched Wonder Woman and Guardians 2 and both unsurprisingly were great.  Wonder Woman during multiple points in the movie could have cut corners or given the wrong message, but without spoiling it. It was just a great movie about a great super hero. It put Batman and Superman to shame and they both should feel that shame to the depths of their respective cores.  I am also exhilarated and ashamed  as a culture that Wonder Woman was made. I am first exhilarated because the movie was  awesome, but as a society that it took us 70 years to give her her own movie. Holy crap, we have watched Bruce Waynes parents die a multitude of times and Clark struggle with being alien for god knows how long.

    I even want to bring Spiderman into this because he deserves it and with great power comes great derp derp derp.  The new Spiderman looks great and that is my opinion, but can we please see a Spiderman movie where Parker is not a teenager. I want to see an adult Peter Parker whose not dealing with teenage problems. At least the new movie brings us Michael Keaton as the Vulture  and Marisa Tomei as Aunt May.

    So Jersey Hot!

    I also want to address Marvel/Disney directly (clears throat). I want a Batman Beyond movie with Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne. He loved playing the character and even went on Kimmel saying that he loved playing Batman.

    For Guardians 2 it was a fun movie, which was to be expected. It was more of what people liked from the first movie while gearing up for the eventual Infinity War conclusion.

    These things are awesome, but not truly what I am excited about. What am I excited about?  It’s not Spider man or the Defenders, but while those do look interesting those are not what I am personally excited about.


    The equation is as follows;

    Cowboys+supernatural stuff=

    I guess what this blog is mostly about is I like when people take risks with new characters that popular culture is unaware of.  This worked with Game of Thrones which before it came out most people I had spoken to had not read the books. I was in the know and loved George RR (I will kill the characters you love and bath in your tears) Martins work and was eagerly awaiting that show to come out. I personally have not read Dark Tower (gasp) but now a movie trailer makes me want to go search out the book series and read the hell out of it. I could definitely eat my words that this will be a great film, but its something new and that by its very nature excites me. We could fight for ages if Mathew Mcconaughey was the correct choice for the villain, or if he is going to give a performance similar to that of his Lincoln commercials.

    However I feel both Mcconaughey and Elba is a solid actor and I would be willing to go out out on a limb and hope this movie  pans out.