Top 10 Villains That You Forgot

There’s been a rise of water in my house. Two dams broke to reveal a waterfall was conveniently located above my house. I wake up to find that everyone has drowned, except for me. I stay afloat by dog paddling and strong grunts that I hope translates to prayers. Who could have done this to me? Who broke these dams? At first I ponder; I think of the classics. I think Darth Vader had something to do with this. Or Joker. Or, Ghostface. Or, at the very least, Agent Smith. These are the best villains. They surely could have pulled something like this off. But what about the villains that people have forgotten? That their prime time was but a blip and is now gone? This post is a memorial to them.

Okay. Rules. We always need rules. So. Only movies from the 90’s and up are included. And this is not the best villains list. This is a list of villains that are pretty cool, and you just forgot about them. So like, yeah, Hannibal Lector, Terminator, and Hans Landa are awesome villains, but you haven’t forgotten about them. If you were going to make a top 10 villains of the last twenty years, you would include Hannibal Lector. So these are the guys that might have a case to make the list, but ultimately get forgotten.

10. Lamia from Stardust (2007)