Training for 6/29/17

I never ran today, but I did sign up for a marathon!

I am officially registered for the Anthem Richmond Marathon on Saturday, Nov. 11. Training starts July 10. I’m also signed up for the Baltimore Marathon in October, which, for the third year in a row, I will run in place of the third and final 20-miler in my goal marathon training plan. I think my fall race schedule is all planned out and paid for.

I’ve always heard great things about Richmond: Beautiful, scenic course; not-too-big field (4,000 finishers last year); the marathon and half are kept separate until the end, at which point most of the half runners should be done anyway; and usually decent running weather — though I’m sure that’ll change this year since I’m going. Sorry, everyone else.

The swag looks pretty nice too. This year, in addition to the fleece finisher’s blanket they always give out, they’re also doing a stainless steel tumbler in honor of the race’s 40th anniversary. Oh, and one lucky finisher will get a genuine ruby in their medal!

I really like that it’s a Saturday morning race too. We can get into town Friday evening, run the race first thing the next day instead of sitting around waiting, have a good time Saturday night to celebrate and head home Sunday.

I’ve also booked through AirBnB a private room in a house very close to the start and finish. It was way cheaper than any of the downtown hotels. Perfect!

Clark said he’ll go with me, and he might sign up for the half marathon. Whether he runs or not, I’m sure he’ll be up for visiting Stone Brewing’s new brewery/restaurant that opened in Richmond not too long ago.

I put down 3:30 for my finish time, for like the 12th time in a row now. Maybe if I actually follow the training plan…