Twin Peaks-Worthy Cherry Pie with Trader Joe’s Ingredients

Just announced! David Lynch’s reboot of his classic TV series Twin Peaks arrives in 2017. If you have not yet seen this series, which originally aired in the 90s, check it out. It’s weird, it’s wonderful. Agent Dale Cooper is sent by the FBI to investigate a murder in a small Northwestern town. However, there is so much more … Like cherry pie. So in anticipation of the return of Twin Peaks, I present you with a near idiot-proof delicious cherry pie provided that you have a Trader Joe’s market nearby.

Trader Joe’s Morello Cherries and Trader Joe’s ready-made pie crusts make a damn good crust.

The all-vegetarian (no lard) crusts are already rolled out and need to simply be nestled into your pie pan. With two per package, one can be cut into strips for a lattice top. The entire process of making a pie took only about 15 minutes from opening to oven. Perfect flaky crust, not too-sweet cherries still bursting with flavor.