Undercover G-Man Raked In $2 million For Uncle Sam In 5-Family Sting

Gang Land’s Jerry Capeci  writes,

A huge black cloud still hangs over three FBI agents and mob associate John (J.R.) Rubeo, the turncoat the feds used in the blockbuster racketeering indictment last year of 46 defendants with ties to five crime families.

But if the case is marred by mistakes by a few agents and their confidential informant, the work of an undercover G-Man in the same investigation was a thing of beauty, FBI documents obtained by Gang Land show.

Mr. Capeci writes,    The records indicate that the agent raked in $2 million in cold cash from wiseguys and others he stung while wearing a wire as he picked up valuable intelligence about the powerful Genovese crime family’s interests in extortion, loansharking and gambling. Posing as an old Rubeo high-school buddy, the undercover agent served as a driver for capo Eugene (Rooster) O’Nofrio, a choice mob job that allowed the agent to sell hundreds of cases of “untaxed cigarettes” that the FBI had passed off as stolen.

Mr . Capeci writes,   At the same time, sources say, the undercover agent – using the name “Jeff” – gave $1000 “tributes” to O’Nofrio, exchanged Christmas presents with him, and identified many wiseguys Rooster met with over the years. He also attended the 2015 wake of John (Cha Cha) Ciarcia, a legendary Mulberry Street figure known as the “Mayor of Little Italy.” The agent also tape recorded O’Nofrio identifying Ciarcia as a Genovese family associate

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