UPDATE – Monday, July 17, 2017 “Experience is the best teacher” . . . a spiritual truth!

UPDATE: This article at zerohedge.com along with a lot of other devastating news is why I am asking you today while we still have some time to slow down and think a little about our choices in the future: Navigating Through The Storms: “I’m Losing My Sense Of Outrage”

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The news is coming thick and fast today. sott.netalready has six pages on Puppet Masters! Beyond checking the headlines, and selectively reading some of the stories, I can’t keep up! I’m always looking for certain information, and maybe another time I’ll try to share what I’m looking for.

Today, though, when Bamboo-Water shared the poem If, by Rudyard Kipling with me, it felt so synchronistic. I’ve been thinking about the fact that personal experience is our best teacher. We can read from books for a lifetime, but when we live something, we learn it. (To learn to dance, you must dance ????  I think that was what Yo-Yo Ma was speaking about on the video I shared yesterday. (BTW, I included the video of Yo-Yo with Meryl Streep mostly for its funny ending. I hope you saw it and had a laugh.)

What do you think about the life experience of our leadership as compared to that of the leadership of the Russian people, a leadership that is being demonized in an unconscionable fashion? If we read the MSM we aren’t going to get the truth, but if we watch Putin, watch his body language and his facial expressions and listen to his words without any interpretation, are their differences that we can observe? If we had the choice what sort of leadership would we choose? Are there words we would choose to describe such leadership?

We sit and watch movies on the television, but let me suggest once again a ‘movie’, a documentary, that has all the drama of reality that can teach us so much about the sort of leadership we might elect if we had the choice.

This is a very different documentary (below) from that produced by Frontline. If you are limited in time, just try watch a little bit. Can you see the differences? Watch Putin grow over time from his many experiences during his years in office.

I’m also thinking today about what Putin meant when sometime ago he said something like, I’m waiting for people to wake up. Why is he waiting? What is his reasoning behind this statement?  Is it happening? As the killing and murder continues, is it necessary?

These two articles posted today also convey how Putin’s life experiences have helped him as a leader of his people. Compare these experiences with what we know of our own leadership’s life experiences. How have their experiences helped them?

Kusturica: ‘Judo master Putin’ knows how to counter NATO’s encirclement