Warriors 1 Win Away From Bulls Record of Most Wins In A Season

With the Warriors beating the Spurs and reaching 72 wins on the year they are now 1 win away from securing the record for most wins in a season which would put them at 73. That-is-insane. Listen, when I was younger i lived through the Michael Jordan era absolutely hating him. Although i was young i just didn’t respect what i was seeing and not fully grasping what exactly was happening. Anyone who is just on hater mode with these guys should just take a step back and enjoy whats going on because this team is on another planet in regards to playing in the NBA. They are so fun to watch that you don’t even need to be a fan or like basketball (for real) to enjoy these guys draining shots, tossing alley’s and hitting full court shots on the reg. Who knows when we will see another team play like this again. So do me a favor and take a fucking seat when the Warriors are on TV and watch that game at least for the simple fact you can tell your grand kids or whoever still pay’s attention to you when your 92 that you were able to watch that team perform magic. We are witnessing history..Sit down Lebron, Nobody was talking to you.