Webhostingpad review

WebHostingPad isn’t new in the Web Hosting Arena, as they have been in business for several years. So if you were still questioning their history, we’d tell you that they’ve got a clean one! Although; there are still some unanswered questions that you may be looking for here. Let us help you answering them in this webhostingpad review, . Below you will find details on WebHostingPad’s support, features, uptime, downtimes, price plans … etc. Also if you need to find details on other web hosting providers. Please check our web hosting review section.

Company Overview

As mentioned above, WebHostingPad is an experienced web hosting services provider, and they also have a big customers-base with over 75,000 clients on their lists. It is also noticed that Web Hosting Pad has one of the lowest customers turnover in the web hosting industry, which is really encouraging for you to consider.

It may make you wonder why could they keep on their customers for so long?

We’d tell you to try it yourself! Just go and contact their customer support team and you will have your wondering ended. They do provide instant support to their customers – unlike most of their competitors in the web hosting industry.

WebHostingPad Reliability

By knowing that they are serious enough to win their customers trust, WebHostingPad claims to guarantee you a 99.9% Uptime Percentage. As far as we seen, most web hosting providers don’t match really this very high percent –especially shared hosting companies.

Although; WebHostingPad has proved that they can be one of the very few exceptions of this rule, as their service uptime deserves the word “superb!”.

Even during peak hours, the websites they host seem to be functioning and responding fully, we can relate that to the fact that WebHostingPad’s technical staff are known for not loading their servers with excessive loads so that to avoid causing them to go down.

If all what we mention above are pros, then we should also mention a con you may experience with Webhostingpad service, as they allow you only one FTP connection, which can be annoying if you are planning to upload large files to your website, as in this case, parallel uploads won’t be allowed.

WebHostingPad Operating System and Features

Webhostingpad provides you extensive features, such as: the famous Fantastico Script Library, which really makes things easy for ordinary users who like to do everything on their own, as you can build even an online store using Fantastico without any panic. Besides having the great Fantastico, each account of Webhostingpad is offered unlimited GB of disk space, which comes with unlimited GB of bandwidth transfers per month.

If you need to build multiple websites on the same account, then you may be interested in Webhostingpad’s Unlimited domains guarantee while each account can register one domain for free without any restrictions.

One of the most important features too is the control panel they use, the famous user friendly Cpanel, which makes the job of managing and administrating your web space account similar to navigating through your Personal Computer!

After all, don’t miss that Webhostingpad offers their clients Free advertising credits from Google and Yahoo which would give your website a push in the Search Engine Optimization SEO world leading to increase your traffic sources from the two famous search engines.

WebHostingPad Performance

As it may become clear for you, Webhostingpad has no troubles at all with their performance, as they can win your trust easily, the same as they could with the other thousands of their huge clients-basde.

Cost-wise, we can see that their prices are very competitive if you considered that with Webhostingpad, you’re not only getting their hosting services, but you also get the domain registration for free.

It’s time to take a look at Webhostingpad single price plan.

WebHostingPad Price Plans

With the slogan, Hassle-Free Webhosting, WebHostingPad has one plan and the price is $3.96 per month, which is really cheap, if their immediate customer support, their features and also unlimited domains

WebHostingPad Price Plan:

Platform: Linux, Price: $3.96, Space: Unlimited, Bandwidth: Unlimited, Domains: Unlimited