Weekly Meal and Exercise Recap

To keep myself accountable, I’m starting a new trend on Sundays/Mondays I’m going to post my meal and exercise plan for the week, and then Fridays I’m going to check in to see how well I did. This week, the check is going to happen a day early as we have a pretty packed weekend ahead of us. So heres what this week looked like:

Monday:B: Vanilla Shakeology w/half banana and pb, S1: Cheese and Nectarine L: Chicken Cesar Salad, S2: Nada D:Skinnytaste Grilled Chicken Bruschetta

Tuesday(I’ll preface with this was a horrible eating day for me): B:Starbucks Feta Wrap S1: Nada L: Subway BLT flatbread sandwich loaded with veggies, S2: Nada D:Chinese – Hunan Shrimp
Wednesday: B:Vanilla Shakeology w/half banana and pb, S1: Nada, L: Leftover Grilled Chicken Bruchetta, S2: Cheese and grapes, S3: Popcorn, D:Rockfish w/roasted potatoes and sauteed squash
Thursday: B: Vanilla Shakeology w/banana, coconut oil and coffee

S1: Cheese and Nectarine. L: Leftover Rockfish and sautéed squash, S2: Nada, D:Pizza

Monday: Hill sprints – 4.25 miles on the treadmill
Tuesday: Upper Body Fix
Wednesday: Pilates Fix
Thursday: 3 mile run

I’m planning on getting some workouts in while I’m away thanks to Beachbody on Demand, but next week I’m really going to get back on track with meal planning and healthier eating.