Welcome back to Europe

A little reminder of fun times in Belize with Chippa:

Felix and I are finally back together in Euope, and what an incredible welcome it was! The day after I flew in, Felix and I headed over to Belgium to meet Chelsea and Dave, who were visiting for 10 days, and our Belgian friends Erwin, Sanne, and Robin, and our Dutch friend Leonie. We all spent the weekend at Dour Festival, a real whiplash from the steamy jungles of Belize…or maybe not.

So much love, such a great group of people. It’s delightful to be back with Felix, Chelsea and Dave, the brothers, their significant others…We continued the party into the next week, exploring Brussels, relaxing at the spa, sampling Belgium’s beloved beer, waffles, and fries. I couldn’t have imagined a better exit from the tropics.

Chelsea and Dave returned with Felix and me to Germany and we spent another weekend hanging out with our Germany crew. Sushi brunch, wine at the weekend market, dancing at the lake. Another bunch of amazing friends. So great to be back in Germany!