Wet Hog Quahog “Glitch” Questions

Hey there Campers!

Bouncing on by for a moment to try and get a better understanding of what Players are seeing in there games. There are a few basic “glitches” being reported that I have not been able to reproduce in my test games nor TinyCo in their test games. So I need a lil help from you.

Take a peek below and see if these items apply to you and your game play. Update me if they do. If not, nothing to see here. LOL ;P


There are still some ongoing reports of players trying to perform the Camp Wars that visually are not able to see the Campers actually going from one side to another.

This one comes and goes in my personal game, but not in the others anymore. I am curious just how many others this one is still impacting.

If you are still not VISUALLY able to see the Campers crossing from one camp to the other on the walkway, let me know the following…


  • What Device you are playing on seeing this?
  • Do you play on WiFi or Phone Service (like mine is 4G where I am)?
  • When was the last time you Cleared Cache on your device?
  • How much INTERNAL storage is available on your device (not including external memory cards)?
  • Do you have any other apps running in the background? Or do you force close them all before opening Family Guy?
  • When was last time you tried force closing app/restarting device?
  • Last (MAKE SURE YOUR GAME IS LINKED TO YOUR DEVICE BEFORE PROCEEDING) … when is the last time you cleared cache & data, uninstalled game from your device, reinstalled game, played to point of logging in to save game, then started back on your saved game again?
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    This one I have yet to see or experience myself. TinyCo has also been unsuccessful in recreating this issue.

    Essentially, we are getting reports of Players stating that the are getting the WRONG Care Package reward when they win the Camp War Battles.

    In order to understand what SHOULD happen, I will give a quick breakdown…

    If you are on a Camp War with Camp Bellyflop, you should get Standard Care Packages for VICTORY wins.

    If you are on a Camp War with Camp Firewood (from Phase 1) you should get the Okay Care Package for VICTORY wins.

    Players NOT seeing these rewards, please provide me the following information…


  • What Battle Streak# are you currently on/won?
  • What Camp did you Battle (Firewood or Bellyflop)?
  • Did you Win? aka did you see VICTORY?
  • What was your reward for VICTORY?
  • Send Screenshots of issue to me (see below)
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    Send screenshots of what you are seeing (if you believe the reward is wrong) to familyguyaddicts@gmail.com. These need to include the Battle info (what camp you are battling, shown top of battle screen as Campers are launched) and it also needs to include the VICTORY screen showing the incorrect payout from that same battle. Bonus if you can also show me a before battle and after battle of the rewards in the actual Care Package Screen itself from the Camp Store. I will show you some examples below.

    This is my Camp Store Totals BEFORE I started the Battles. You can see the Okay Packages are at 1, the Standard are at 0.

    Streak #9 Battle info. If I win this battle VICTORY, I should be awarded OKAY Care Packages. You can see the Streak # and the Camp I am battling in the top areas.

    I was able to win the Camp Firewood Battle and get VICTORY! You can see the Camp Name up top. The Rewards I am given are 5 OKAY Care Packages, shown in the REWARDS area at the bottom of the VICTORY screen

    For Streak #10, I am battling Camp Bellyflop, so my rewards should be STANDARD Care Packages if I get VICTORY!

    I did win the VICTORY! You can see Camp Bellyflop is who I was battling up top, and you can see I was given the 3 STANDARD Care Packages as a Reward in the section below.

    Now back to my Camp Store where I can see my REWARDS results from both Streak #9 & #10.

    Before Battles
    Okay Care Package: 1
    Standard Care Package: 0

    AFTER Battles
    Okay Care Package: 6 (+5 Reward Streak 9)
    Standard Care Package: 3 (+3 Reward Streak 10)

    Overall, what SHOULD happen is this…

    Firewood Camp War VICTORY!: Okay Care Package Reward
    Bellyflop Camp War VICTORY!Standard Care Package Reward

    ***SIDE NOTE: I understand those getting DEFEAT are seeing the Okay Packages on all. I am addressing that to TinyCo.

    I know there are still some other concerns with the pacing of the Event and difficulty. I am still passing on all these details to TinyCo so I appreciate the feedback. Hoping to get the kinks worked out as overall, this is a fun Event idea.

    Again, this may not apply to ALL Players. Just a handful. So if this applies to you, please respond in the comments below. Thanks again, your help is much appreciated.