What Matters Before You Set Up an Inflatable Bouncy Castle

Hi, there. Welcome to the blog again. Today we just focus on site selection of your outdoor inflatable bouncy castle.
Site selection may not as simple as you think it. There are some cautions you need to pay for this matter.
What kind of places will be right for your inflatable bouncy castle?

1. The places dry and level and free from the debris will be good. It is important that no sharp items should be placed under or around or above your inflatable bouncy castle. Don’t unroll your inflatable castle until you get the right place for your events. As it does do a lot of trouble to drag your inflatable around and grit it to some leaks for friction.

2. For those you have set the place for some specific events, and you find there are some unfavorable conditions like that it is wet, abrasive or a little bit dirty without time to clean it, then you can try the ground tarp. Just cover it a wide ground tarp. Then you can unroll your bouncy castle after you lay the ground tarp onto it.

3. Ensure there is enough room for the exist and entrance to your inflatable bouncy castle. Well, emergent exist should be cleared with no blockage as you will never calculate when the emergency may occur (that is why we call it emergency). And it is also good for the spectators to view what is happing inside(especially for parents).
A thorough check must be included for both the inflatable bouncy castle, the place, weather and the accessories.