You’ve only yourselves to blame!

I have changed the title of my penultimate post,  it was causing confusion. I do believe some thought I’d turned up my toes, and died. Well happily I haven’t. I’m still here, and didn’t  mean to cause the confusion; it’s just that I abhor the “B” word. No not that one; “Blog” is the one I detest!

Is that a collective sigh of disappointment, I hear?

As punishment I’m now going to give you a small update on developments; on Wednesday I went to see Nurse Percy and Dr Ping Nee, I had intended to go on Thursday, but thought I’d go earlier, and get the business out of the way.

The doctor did her best to persuade me against my decision, but being a recalcitrant monster, I remained adamant.

Yesterday morning I received a phone call from Lesley, I think it was, she runs the Administration side of the Forum Medical Centre; to tell me that Doctor Francis wishes to see me. He’s the boss, and the bloke, who picked the stomach cancer and somehow shoved me through the meeting with God and you know the rest.

So in one hour and fifty minutes from now, I’ll shuffle, head down, into his presence and be suitably castigated.

It should be interesting and fun, always plenty of  chat and smiles when we get together.