ZimGold Restaurant Week: The Pointe Restaurant

I am at a loss for words about my experience at The Pointe restaurant; located in town at #116 Baines Avenue. It’s an odd looking dark and spooky place. Im convinced the furniture was borrowed from the someone’s grandmother’s house. The walls are covered in colonial paintings that seem to harbour untold secrets of slave history. Look it was a lot. We wrestled with the idea of leaving immediately but I was feeling brave and wanted to cross this restaurant off the list. Besides, the waiters were friendly and the restaurant smelled clean so I thought what the heck.

The night got progressively weirder but I’m going to focus on what we went there for; the food! They had four menus priced at 10,15, 20,and 25 dollars; all with three course meals, which is unique to all the other participating restaurants. I chose the $20 menu and my person chose the $15 menu. Here is what we had from each menu:

Starters  Chicken Livers 7.5/10   Halloumi Cheese Fingers 6/10

The livers were tasty and soft but not mushy. Both dishes were salted just the right amount. I’ve had bad experiences with under-salted liver and oversalted Halloumi but not this time. Unfortunately the Halloumi was oily so I had mixed feelings.